Android phone turns itself off and stays off

Has your Android smartphone been powering off for no particular reason? Do you go to use your phone and find that it is off? When using the phone will it just turn itself off randomly? This issue can be pretty frustrating. Sometimes when this happens the device won’t even power on again unless the battery is pulled out and put back in or a simulated battery pull is performed. This article will go over some things that can be done to get this issue resolved and hopefully allow for a more permanent solution and prevent your android phone from powering itself off.

What happens when you Unmount SD card on an Android?

So you’re exploring your awesome Android phone (or Android device) and while in the Settings you stumble upon the SD card and phone storage (or Storage) and find an option to Unmount or Mount SD card. But what happens when you unmount the phone storage on your Android device? Good question and here is a brief description of what this does and why it is important.

My phone died and now won't power on or charge. Here’s how to fix it.

Did your mobile phones battery drain all the way to zero and now your device is completely dead, not powering on or not even letting you charge it? This article will go through some tips on how you might be able to revive your dead phone.

If your cell phone is a smartphone then this is a reasonably common issue. It used to be a general practice to run older batteries to zero battery life before charging them back up to full again but try not to do that on the new smart phones, they use lithium-ion batteries which discharging 100% is a major concern and isn’t good for the health of the battery.

Know the Wireless Contract of your Service Provider

Interested in buying your first mobile phone? Then you’re going to need to choose a wireless provider, and if you’re signing a contract you should know what is going to be expected of you in that contract. If you’re switching or planning on switching providers then you might already be pretty familiar with contracts. If not chances are you will be when you find out your locked into your contract and you’re not going anywhere until it expires or you pay your ETF.

Wireless Coverage Maps

Have you asked yourself “what company offers the best cellular service in my area”? Well you’re not alone, choosing the best wireless provider where you live can be a challenge. There are so many factors to choose from when attempting to make a selection.

HTC One X No SIM Card Error Message Fix

Have you started getting a SIM card not detected, No SIM, No SIM Card in Phone, SIM not found, please insert SIM card or any SIM error messages on your HTC One X? This issue is not good; if your phone isn’t reading your SIM card then your phone isn’t going to have service! And if you have no service then what’s the point of having a mobile phone? Luckily there are some things that can be done to get your device working correctly again.


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