How to save contacts from a Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone to its SD card

If you want to save the contacts on your Android smartphone then one of the best places to backup your contacts list is on an external memory card. This will ensure extra security for your address book in the event that your phone ever malfunctions, gets damaged, or becomes inoperable and will allow you to have a hard copy of your contacts to restore to your phone.

This guide will show step by step instructions with pictures on how to save a copy of your contacts onto a memory card using the Samsung Galaxy S 4; this guide can also be used for most Android smartphones running on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software or similar Android versions.

How to backup phone contacts to a memory card

Quick Instructions:

Contacts > Menu key > Import/Export > Export to SD card > Ok

Detailed Instructions with Pictures:

Tap on your contacts icon on the bottom of your phones display

You can also tap on the Phone icon and then tap the Contacts tab in the upper right of the screen to get to your contacts.


Tap on the Menu key on the bottom left of your phone to display a list of options.


Tap on the Import/Export option


Tap Export to SD card


Confirm the export by tapping Ok.


It should be very quick depending on how many contacts you have saved on your phone. You might even get a glimpse of the “Contacts .vcf will be exported” notification, but that is all there is to saving your contacts onto your SD card.

Don’t forget to import

If you are preparing to factory data reset your phone then you will also need to Import your contacts back onto your phone as well.

To Import your contacts from your memory card and put them back onto the phone it’s pretty much the same process only instead of tapping Export to SD card you will tap Import from SD card, tap where you would like to save the contacts on your phone, choose the Vcard file that your contacts are saved as and then simply import them back onto your phone.

If you would like more detailed instructions about this process then you can read How to copy contacts from a memory card onto the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

No export option available

If you do not see an option to Export to SD card then your phone might not be reading your memory card properly. If this is the case for your phone then I recommend reviewing this article on how to check to make sure your memory card is mounted and working correctly.

If you do not have a memory card for your phone then I recommend you get one. SD cards can be used to backup so much more than a phones contacts. Not only do memory cards add to the total storage capacity of a phone, but they also allow you to backup your pictures, videos, music, movies, applications, etc.

Memory cards are a great investment when it comes to keeping your phones information safe. If you don’t have one and would like some suggestions on what to look for when buying a memory card then I suggest reading How to pick the best memory card for an Android smartphone.

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