Battery Information

Choosing a smartphone: Getting started

Have you been thinking about buying your first smartphone? Are you thinking of upgrading your current phone? There are many different things that you might want to consider when doing so. It may even seem overwhelming at first but this guide is intended to help you learn all that you can about choosing a smartphone so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best phone available for you and your needs.

How to check an Android to see if its battery is overheating

Has your cell phone or its battery started to get a little warmer than usual? If you are looking for a way to check the temperature of your battery then you are in the right place. If you’re not quite sure whether it’s your phone or battery that’s heating up or getting hot then here are a few little tricks that can help you narrow things down a bit.

How to check the battery usage on a Samsung Galaxy S 4

Have you noticed that the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S 4 isn’t as good as it used to be? Is your android phone dying way to fast? This guide will show you how to check and see what is actually using or draining the battery life from your smartphone and allow you to get the maximum usage from your battery.

Android phone powers itself off and on

Is your Android smartphone powering off and on randomly all by itself? When using your phone does it just power off then back on all by itself for no particular reason at all? This issue can be pretty annoying not to say frustrating especially if you’re using your phone when it happens. This article will go over some things that can be done to get this power-cycling problem fixed and hopefully allow for a more permanent solution preventing your Android phone from continuing to power-cycle in the future.

My phone died and now won't power on or charge. Here’s how to fix it.

Did your mobile phones battery drain all the way to zero and now your device is completely dead, not powering on or not even letting you charge it? This article will go through some tips on how you might be able to revive your dead phone.

If your cell phone is a smartphone then this is a reasonably common issue. It used to be a general practice to run older batteries to zero battery life before charging them back up to full again but try not to do that on the new smart phones, they use lithium-ion batteries which discharging 100% is a major concern and isn’t good for the health of the battery.

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