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How to test the touch screen on a Sony Xperia Android cell phone

Have you been experiencing problems with your Sony Xperia cell phone not responding to your touch properly? Do parts of your touch screen respond incorrectly or not at all? Looking for a way to test the touch screen on your Sony Xperia smartphone? Then look no further. This this tutorial will demonstrate with pictures one of the best methods to use in order to test the touch screen on a Sony Xperia smartphone.

How to test the touch screen on a Samsung Android cell phone

Have you been having problems with the touch screen on your Samsung smartphone? Looking for a quick way to check for dead spots, or verify that some areas of the screen are truly unresponsive? Here is a cool trick that should allow you to check your entire touch screen in a matter of seconds.

How to test the speakers on an Android smartphone

Having audio problems on your Android smartphone? Did the music stop playing? Notifications stop sounding? Did the ringer stop working? No audio on your games or applications? When someone calls you on your android phone can they hear you but you can’t hear them? You might just be having problems with the speakers on your phone.

This article will guide you through the process of testing both the loud speaker, which produces the sound for your ringer, music, games, alarm clock, etc. As well as how to test the internal speaker which is what you hold up to your ear to hear people during a conversation. This test can help to determine whether the issue on your phone is software related or a problem with the speaker itself which of course will help in resolving the issue correctly.

Phone stuck on a black screen during or after a call? Here’s the Fix

Have you found yourself getting stuck on your telephone calls? Is your phone showing a black screen after finishing a conversation and not allowing you to end calls? Do you hear your keys being pressed when talking on your phone? Does the person that you’re talking to have to end the call because your phone won’t let you? Do you have to press your power key to unlock your phone after every call? Here are some possible causes and better yet some solutions to fix this issue on your cell phone.

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