Operating System

Choosing a Smartphone Operating System

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a smartphone is what type of Operating System (OS) the phone is going to use to function. This is going to determine the look and feel of the phone as well as its abilities as a smartphone. The OS (Operating System) of your new Smartphone comes pre-installed on your phone and is the software that basically allows your phone think and processes information and when it comes to Smartphone’s there are a few operating systems that stand out from the rest. Chances are you’ll end up reviewing and choosing from one of the operating systems listed below.

Choosing a smartphone: Getting started

Have you been thinking about buying your first smartphone? Are you thinking of upgrading your current phone? There are many different things that you might want to consider when doing so. It may even seem overwhelming at first but this guide is intended to help you learn all that you can about choosing a smartphone so that you can make an informed decision and buy the best phone available for you and your needs.

How to check what version of the Android OS a phone is running on

Updated Oct 2014: Do you want to know what Android version is currently running on your phone? Nothing simpler… all you have to do is go into the phones Settings > Tap About phone > if the Android version doesn’t appear on this page then you might need to tap on Software information > and the Android version will be listed with a number underneath or next to it and that will be the version of the Android OS (Operating System) that is currently running on your smartphone.

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