Saving Contacts

How to copy contacts to an SD card on the Sony Xperia M

Are you looking for a way to backup the contacts on your Sony Xperia M? Do you want to save a copy of your contacts to an SD card? Then look no further. This guide will demonstrate with pictures how to save a copy of the contacts currently stored in your Sony Xperia Android 4.2 smartphone and how to save them to your memory card.

How to copy contacts from a memory card onto the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Do you need to copy your phone contacts from a memory card onto an Android smartphone? Look no further these step by step instructions will guide you through the process of importing those contacts from your SD card using a Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone as an example. These instructions can be used for common Android phones running on the “Jelly Bean” Android version 4.2 software and other similar versions of the Android operating system.

How to make sure your Android contacts are saved to your Gmail account

This is very important if your backing up your Android phone to perform a factory data reset. It’s also a good idea to check this on a regular basis. Android phones typically backup your contacts automatically BUT this feature can be turned off or the sync might not be working properly. Verifying that your contacts are saved onto your Gmail account will provide you with extra security when backing up your address book, just in case your phone ever gets lost, stolen, broken, or simply malfunctions.

HTC One X No SIM Card Error Message Fix

Have you started getting a SIM card not detected, No SIM, No SIM Card in Phone, SIM not found, please insert SIM card or any SIM error messages on your HTC One X? This issue is not good; if your phone isn’t reading your SIM card then your phone isn’t going to have service! And if you have no service then what’s the point of having a mobile phone? Luckily there are some things that can be done to get your device working correctly again.


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