Phone stuck on a black screen during or after a call? Here’s the Fix

Have you found yourself getting stuck on your telephone calls? Is your phone showing a black screen after finishing a conversation and not allowing you to end calls? Do you hear your keys being pressed when talking on your phone? Does the person that you’re talking to have to end the call because your phone won’t let you? Do you have to press your power key to unlock your phone after every call? Here are some possible causes and better yet some solutions to fix this issue on your cell phone.

Getting a Memory Full error message on a Smartphone? Here’s a fix.

Is your smartphone showing a “Memory Full”, "Low on space", "Text message memory full" or “Insufficient memory” error message? Chances are there is a simple fix. In this article I will cover some possible causes as well as some solutions to try and get your phone working correctly again.

Having problems opening picture messages on your smartphone?

Has your phone been having problems opening pictures texted to you? Do you just get a Downloading message but the picture(s) never actually open? Does your mobile say sending but never actually sends anything? Here are some steps to get your MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) working correctly.

How to Save Pictures to a Memory Card from an Android Smartphone

Do you need to backup all of your pictures and videos to your SD Card from your Android smartphone? If you are planning on performing a reset on the device or just want to make sure that your pictures and videos are going to be safe in case your phone ever malfunctions or gets damaged. Then this article is for you.


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