Saving pictures from an Android Phone to a Memory Card using ASTRO File Manager

Having problems finding an easy and efficient way to backup your pictures and videos onto your Android phones memory card? You’re not alone. Some phones just aren’t very user friendly when it comes to managing content.

Luckily there is a very user friendly app out there to help us not only back up pictures and videos, but allow us to move other files as well. Best of all its FREE!

Saving Pictures from a Motorola Android Smartphone to an SD Card

Do you need to save your pictures and videos from your android phone onto a memory card? These step by step instructions will guide you through the process of moving all of the pictures and videos from a Motorola Smartphone running on the Android Operating System and how to successfully move those pictures and videos onto your memory card so that they’ll be nice and safe from any factory data resets or phone issues. This will also allow you to easily transfer your media files from one device to another should you ever get another android phone.

Saving Pictures from an LG Android Smartphone to an SD Card

Do you need to make sure you’re Pictures, Videos, Music, and Media Files on your LG Android smartphone are all saved to your memory card? This article will assist you in making sure all of your information is backed up to your memory card and not simply saved onto the LG smartphone itself.


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