How to fix a phones internal speaker

Having problems hearing others, but they can hear you just fine when talking on your mobile phone? Do you have to use your devices hands free speakerphone or Bluetooth headset in order to have a conversation with someone? If so then your phones internal speaker is acting up and as you already know this can cause allot of frustration and can be a serious annoyance. This guide will describe step by step instructions on what can be done to get this issue resolved and get you with a properly working phone once again.

How to test the speakers on an Android smartphone

Having audio problems on your Android smartphone? Did the music stop playing? Notifications stop sounding? Did the ringer stop working? No audio on your games or applications? When someone calls you on your android phone can they hear you but you can’t hear them? You might just be having problems with the speakers on your phone.

This article will guide you through the process of testing both the loud speaker, which produces the sound for your ringer, music, games, alarm clock, etc. As well as how to test the internal speaker which is what you hold up to your ear to hear people during a conversation. This test can help to determine whether the issue on your phone is software related or a problem with the speaker itself which of course will help in resolving the issue correctly.

How to Fix a Pantech Burst that’s Echoing

Do people say that they hear an echo when you’re talking to them on your Pantech Burst? This can be a pretty frustrating issue for your friends and family who you speak with often. One of the main problems with this echo is that it’s usually on their end and you can hear them just fine with no echo at all, therefore if you just bought your Pantech Burst you probably won’t be aware of an issue until well after your buyer’s remorse period, and won’t be able to return the phone or get a refund. Don’t fret though this issue can usually be fixed by following the suggestions below.

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