HTC One X No SIM Card Error Message Fix

Have you started getting a SIM card not detected, No SIM, No SIM Card in Phone, SIM not found, please insert SIM card or any SIM error messages on your HTC One X? This issue is not good; if your phone isn’t reading your SIM card then your phone isn’t going to have service! And if you have no service then what’s the point of having a mobile phone? Luckily there are some things that can be done to get your device working correctly again.

Faulty design

The error,

"SIM card not detected – Unable to detect your SIM card. Please make sure that your SIM card is properly inserted. OK"

is usually due to a bad SIM card or damaged SIM card tray, this issue on the HTC One X however seems to be a overly common issue due to a faulty SIM card set-up as a result of poor design of the unit.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope this isn’t the case with your phone. There are some tricks we can do to get your SIM to read correctly if your phone falls into this category but let’s go over some other tips to try first.

SIM card

If you can, then try inserting your SIM card into another phone to see if it’s working correctly. If it works fine in another phone then it’s not a problem with the SIM being defective. Go ahead and plug it back into the One X.

If it doesn’t work in another phone then your SIM card is bad and needs to be replaced. Go down to an authorized retailer or call your service provider for a replacement SIM. Don’t let them charge you for it.

Software Bug

Let’s hope it’s just a glitch or software bug that’s causing this issue. If it is, then a simple backup and reset will fix the phone. And lucky for us this phone backs up a lot of its information automatically so a backup is a breeze and a resets even smoother.

Backup suggestions

Backup Contacts

Gmail - Your contacts should already be saved online through your Gmail account. To check, go into your Settings > Accounts (or Accounts and Sync) > check your Gmail on that page (write it down if you won’t remember it, you will need it later) > Click your Gmail account > make sure that Sync Contacts shows the days date on it. If it shows the days date then your contacts are saved to your Gmail account online and when you log back onto your Gmail account once you reset the phone your contacts should automatically pull back. If it doesn’t show the days date then you need to click on the Sync now button (note: connecting your One X to a Wi-Fi should make the sync go faster if it seems to be slow or doesn’t want to sync)

Phone Storage & SIM (if possible) – your One X phone doesn’t have a slot for a memory card (which stinks) but it does have a separate storage system built in that will be safe from a reset. And if your phone is currently reading your SIM then you can back up your contacts to your SIM as well. Go into your Contacts > Menu (three dots upper right of screen) > Manage Contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to phone storage (I also recommend that after you do the phone storage option you do the Export to SIM card as well, if your phone will allow you to).

Backup Messages

Backup any text (SMS) or multi-media (MMS) messages that are saved on your phone. Messages are tuff to backup and if you HAVE to save anything I would write it down, or you can try to save your messages to the phones storage... but I don’t know if you can use the SMS Backup and Restore application to save your messages to your storage but you might be able to use it to send a copy to your email.

Call Log

If anyone has called you recently and you need to write down their number you will want to do so. A reset is going to clear the devices call log.

Pictures and Music

Don’t worry about your media files. They are stored to the alternate storage. As long as you don’t specifically tell the phone to “Erase all data” when doing the factory data reset then you won’t lose any of your pictures or videos.

Note: you may also like this other backup and reset guide should you need a guide with a little more detail in the instructions.

Factory Data Reset

Your phones backed up and now you should do a reset. This will set the phone back to its default and if there is a bug, glitch, virus etc. then this reset should fix the issue.

Settings > Storage > Factory data reset (Note: on this page it’s very important that you make sure the “Erase all data – Erase music, pictures, and all data on the storage” is NOT selected. If you want to erase your pictures and media then go ahead and select it. When it’s selected it will have a green checkmark in it) > Reset phone > Erase Everything > the phone will power off and power back on.

Click here if you would like reset instructions with pictures…

When it powers back on then re-setup the phone, log into your Gmail account again, and the reset will be completed and hopefully it was a software issue and you will now be good to go. Note: if you get a screen during the setup asking you to go to a computer to setup the phone then tap the back button until you can’t go back any further and then tap cancel. Doing this will allow you to setup the phone through the phone and you won’t have to use a computer.


This is what was mentioned before in the beginning of the article. The HTC One X design has its SIM card in a tray and then requires you to slide that tray into the top of the phone. This tray isn’t always as snug as it should be and the SIM doesn’t connect to the phone correctly. Here is a good example of what I mean.

If this is the pickle that you’re in then try adding some layers of tape to the back of your SIM card to create a tighter fit. Make sure to add the tape to the back-side of the SIM, the side that faces the back of the phone, the SIM is just loose and not resting snug like it needs to be. The tape will push the connection together and the SIM will no longer disconnect from the phone and NO MORE SIM ERROR.


If you do all these tips and your HTC One X is still showing SIM errors then I recommend you look into your alternative options.

I hope you have enjoyed the article and I hope even more that it helped to resolve your issue. Enjoy the phone and if you have any comments don’t hesitate to leave one below. Also don’t hesitate to show your appreciation by liking this article on Facebook or tweeting about it on Twitter.

Thanks again and enjoy.



sim card error

I get message that no sim card error message. If i restart it it works for awhile and then get message again any suggestion on what to do?

Yep, everything listed on this page

Hi Vickie, if you can get it to temporarily start working by restarting your phone then it MIGHT be a software issue on the device. Do the Full Backup and Factory data reset on your phone and see if that helps. If your HTC One X is still giving you SIM card error messages then try adding some tape to the back of your SIM to try and make a tighter fit, this should help with your issue, enjoy.

When none of the above resolves the problem

I *think* I may have tracked down a fix for this in cases where it isn't a loose sim card connection.

I did all the usual 'sticky tape on back of sim', 'hidden menu reset', 'factory reset','airplane mode on/off' to no avail. The following information, however, seems to have solved the problem, for me anyway.

The following information is cut and paste from an article posted at androidpolice. I won't link it directly as that may be considered rude here.

"It turns out that the problem is actually a combination of two bugs, one in the Android framework and one in the radio software, each ultimately causing the radio to crash and restart.."
If you are suffering from this bug, there are some workarounds available today. To begin with, many people have been able to prevent this issue by setting the radio to 'WCDMA only' instead of the default 'WCDMA preferred'. Keep in mind, this setting will only last until you restart your phone, at which time it resets back to default. Here's how:
Open your phone dialer
Enter: *#*#4636#*#*
Tap on 'Phone information'
Find the 'Set preferred network type' dropdown
Change the selection to WCDMA only

You may wish to try the above and, if it works on your device, you can either flash a fix which is discussed on the original article, or I guess it will be addressed in the KitKat upgrade. Hopefully.

That seems to be more of a network related issue…

Hi Mrgoatboy,

I looked up the article that you referred to in your comment, as the steps you provided seemed to be geared more towards fixing a network related problem as opposed to a SIM card related issue. And though SIM cards are directly involved with communicating with the wireless network that they are associated with and if a SIM card is malfunctioning you will have network related issues the topic described in that article is a little different then the issue covered in this article.

That article mentions a common issue on the Nexus 4 when running on Android 4.3 and suggests that other phones can also experience an issue which seems to result in a sudden loss of cellular connection. If your phone is sporadically disconnecting and reconnecting with your wireless provider most likely even showing a “No Service” or Emergency Calls Only” error message (which would also be shown if the phone was having problems with its SIM card) then the steps mentioned in your comment might be a good temporary fix for the issue.

If you are getting SIM error messages however then changing your phone to use the WCDMA network type instead of the default settings probably isn’t going to help solve the issue. I am glad that the article you mentioned helped you to solve your network problem though, as network problems can be real troublesome and hard to fix.

Thank you for contributing to the site and have a fantastic day my friend.

Bad design for the tray - shorting SIM?

I've been having this problem with my 1X+ with more and more frequency recently.

Similar to what James Bond said about adding a piece of tape to the back of the SIM card, I did that, but I also added another step.

If you look at how the SIM card fits in the tray, you will see that on one side, the contacts of the SIM card get really close to the metal frame of the tray. I'm wondering if this is shorting the SIM and causing it to lose connection with the network.

So, I put a sliver of tape over the contacts of the SIM card to prevent the possibility of the contacts touching the metal frame of the tray and put a piece of tape on the back of the SIM card for a tighter fit.

Hope it works because it's really annoying to have to keep restarting the phone.

- Charles

Bad tray design...

Shouldn't that equal the manufacturer refunding or replacing the handset with a non-defective unit at no charge? Similar to a recall on a car, just without the risk of imminent death... Which hopefully doesn't exist with a normal phone, day to day.


As far as repairing or replacing the phone at no charge… Technically yes, it’s called a warranty. But manufactures rarely admit to an overly common issue with their phones, and if there is a common problem then they MIGHT notify their warranty departments to help the customer avoid the hassle of the standard troubleshooting or advise them on what NOT to try when troubleshooting as it could make the problem worse.

For example if the touch screen seemed to be malfunctioning on a certain model and it was unresponsive in a particular area of the screen because of a hardware defect and the warranty agent performs a hard reset in the belief that it could be the result of a software problem it could make the situation worse as the phones user may not be able to select the options to re-setup the phone again afterwards which may put them in a bigger bind because now the phones owner cannot even rotate the screen to answer phone calls from the functioning part of the touch screen. So the phone goes from an extreme inconvenience to totally non functional. But I digress.

Take comfort in the fact that sending a phone in for repair or having it replaced not only costs the manufacture and possibly your wireless carrier money but also puts a bad stain on both of them as well. Bad PR and upset customers costs companies big bucks in the long run.

All you can really do to avoid such issues yourself is thoroughly review and research a phone before buying it.

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