How to remove the voicemail icon when there are no voicemails on your Android

Has the Voicemail icon on your Android phone been showing a new voicemail notification when there is no new voicemail or any voicemail messages in your inbox? This can be a pretty annoying issue so here are some tips to get your voicemail notifications working correctly again.

Restart your phone

Sometimes we forget that our phones need to rest too. Keeping your phone on indefinitely can cause some funny issues, especially false notifications, so don’t forget to power your phone off every couple of days for a few minutes and let it rest. This will help keep your phone running smoothly.  

Double check your voicemail

You have probably done this a hundred times already, but triple check after power cycling (powering off and on) your phone. If your phone is still showing a voicemail message and there is no voicemail waiting in your inbox then proceed to the next step.

Leave yourself a voicemail

Sounds a little strange I know, but call yourself and then leave yourself a voicemail. Once you check your voicemail, listen to it, and then erase it. After you have erased the voicemail you just left on your own machine (don’t use visual voicemail to do this) then check and see if your voicemail notification icon is still showing or if it is now working correctly.

Check your applications

If you have a voicemail application that you yourself downloaded onto the phone, try and force stop and/or uninstall that application, restart your phone, and see if your android starts working correctly again.

This also applies to any applications that you might have downloaded around the same time that you noticed this issue. If you downloaded a game, exercise, health, weather or other application and the notification started malfunctioning then chances are high that it could be that application causing problems. Try force stopping or uninstalling the app (I recommend you uninstall the application), rebooting, and see if it is working correctly again.

Factory Data Reset

You might have a software bug or even virus on your device and if you have tried the above suggestions and need a last resort then I strongly recommend you backup all of the information on your phone and then reset its information back to its factory defaults.

Don’t panic! It’s really not as hard as it sounds; the most important thing that you will need to do is to back up and save your information from your phone to another source so that you can put it all back on your phone after the reset.

If you would like a step by step guide on how to do this I suggest you read How to Backup and Reset an Android Phone.

Contact your wireless service provider

A factory data reset should fix this issue if it is a problem with the device itself, if for some mysterious reason your voicemail icon is still showing a message waiting and there is no message then contact your wireless carrier to have them do some troubleshooting on their end. If they don’t seem to have the solution right away, and you have done ALL the troubleshooting mentioned earlier in this article (especially the factory data reset) then ask them to remove the voicemail feature from your wireless account and then add it back on.

This will erase any saved voicemails that you have stored but your inbox will be like it’s brand new. You might have to setup your password again but your voicemail should be up and running and working correctly. Don’t forget to check it (if you can) while you still have your wireless provider on the phone. If they cannot get it to display properly then they will most likely give you some of the options available when you have problems fixing a phone.

Enjoy your working notifications and of course you’re working phone.



press exit key

Some voice mails have an exit option in the main menu when listening to it. Try pressing that instead of ending the call yourself.
Works on iusacell (Mexico)

Thank you

Thank you for the additional tip Joost. Could certainly be helpful.

Keep the tips and comments coming. I look forward to reading them.

Change IUSACell Voicemail Greeting

I am familiar with the process of changing voicemail greetings in english; can anyone give me the prompt/key breadcrumb trail i need to change my Mexico based IUSACell voice message...

From after I key in *86, what do I enter to record new greeting and what do i enter to then save it if I am happy with it?

voice mail

I tried calling my own number and leaving a voice mail, calling and deleting that voice mail, made the voice mail indicator on the screen go away. So that option solved my problem


I am glad that it worked for you John. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and letting others know what steps you were able to use to get the voice mail indicator on your cell phones screen to go away.

Enjoy your voicemail my friend and thanks again.

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