How to Hard Reset an Android Phone

Is your Android Smartphone slow, freezing, not responsive, responding incorrectly, or you can’t remember the phones password? You’re in luck! There is still a pretty powerful option available, and that is to perform a hard reset, also known as an alternate reset, on the device.

Before we begin… If you are still able to access the setting on your device and navigate the phone then you might be more interested in reading How to backup and reset an Android phone, which goes through the process of doing a full backup and then performing a Factory Data Reset through the phones settings.

If you’re having problems accessing your factory data reset options through the settings then you can still perform a factory reset on your Android Smartphone and this article will show you how to do it. This is the perfect solution if you’re having problems with your touch screen, or you can’t navigate correctly on your phone. It’s also an option if you can’t get your device to power on all the way or when your phone won’t power on at all.

If you’re seeking to do a reset on your Android Smartphone then you most likely know how effective a reset can be at solving issues on phones. Through this article I am going to go over multiple ways to perform resets on your phone without actually having to navigate through the touch screen. Your phone doesn’t even need to be on in order to do it in most instances!

Make sure the device is powered off

Most of these hard resets require that your phone is completely powered off, so make sure that your phone is powered off all the way not just locked. If you’re phone isn’t responding and you can’t power off the phone with the power button, then you might need to pull the battery out, count to ten, and then put the battery back in. Just don’t power the phone back on if you have to reinsert the battery. Keep the device powered off.

Also make sure that your phone is not plugged into a charger. If the phone is plugged into a charger or if the device is not fully powered off, the reset is not going to work.

Hard reset methods and procedures may differ

Alternate resets also usually involve performing a series of key combinations which we’ll get to in a minute. The key combination you have to perform will highly depend on the specific make and model of the phone and what version of Android OS (Operating System) is currently running on the device. For example you might be able to perform a reset on a phone one way if it’s running the 2.2 (Froyo) OS, then you upgrade your phone to the 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS and the method no longer works, causing you to use a different method (I have an example of this in method 6 and 7 below). When you upgrade again to the 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS you might have to use a different method and different key combination to perform the same alternate reset. So just beware of this.

You might also need to attempt the reset a couple times for it to go through correctly.

Disclaimer: Remember that a reset is permanent and cannot be undone. It will erase all personal data and downloaded content on the phone, don’t worry it will not affect or erase your memory card or anything saved on your SIM card. This includes content such as pictures, ringtones, texts, apps, etc. and will usually fix software glitches, bugs, viruses, etc as well. Try if at all possible, to perform a backup first. Usually when you need to perform an alternate reset on your mobile phone you might not be able to do a backup.

Preparation for a hard reset on an Android phone

Just a minor side note, on a typical alternate reset so that you know what to expect. You’re going to power the phone off, hold a specific set of key combinations (shown below), access a fastboot/testing/recovery/etc screen, select reset, and then the phone is going to power itself off, all by itself, then it’s going to power itself back on, all by itself. This can take a few minutes, some phones can take up to 15 min to reboot (pretty uncommon though, the average phone probably takes 3-5 min). Once it reboots the phone is going to think its brand new right off the shelf. So go ahead and set it up again like you did when you first got it.

If you own an Android Smartphone manufactured by Pantech then unfortunately you cannot perform an alternative reset on your device. Pantech Smartphones currently do not have a hard reset feature; the only reset available on Pantech phones is through the settings.

Let’s start with the most common Hard Reset methods and go from there:

Note: the different types of methods are numbered, method 1, method 2, method 3, etc.

1. When the phone is powered off, press and hold the Volume Up and the Volume Down keys both at the same time, then press and hold the Power key until a test screen that shows some available options appears, usually takes about 15-20 seconds. When that screen pops up you can let go of the keys.

Press the Volume Down key to navigate down through the options until it highlights FACTORY RESET then press the Power key to select it.

2. Power the phone off all the way, press and hold the Volume Down key and press than release the Power key, still holding the volume down key for about 10-15 seconds. When you see some additional options pop up on the screen you can let go of the keys.

Press the Volume Down key to navigate down through the options until it highlights the reset option; it usually says FACTORY RESET, then press the Power key to make the selection.

3. While powered off, press and hold the Home key, while continuing to hold the home key power the device on by pressing the Power key.

Once the Android Recovery screen appears release the Home key, then while on the Android Recovery screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys both at the same time.

If/when you’re on the Android System Recovery screen release all the keys, and then use the Volume down key to navigate down to the “wipe date/factory reset” option. Once it’s highlighted press the Power key to select it.

Once you see the “Confirm wipe of all user data?” Press the Volume down key to highlight “Yes—delete all user data”, then press the Power key to select it.

4. Power the device off, then press and hold the Home key and press and release the Power key (while still holding the Home key).

From the Android Recovery screen, press the Search key.

Tap to select wipe data/factory reset then select Ok (located in the lower left of the screen). Note: if screen is not responsive use the Volume keys to scroll and the Camera key to select.

Select Yes – delete all user data, and then select OK (again lower left).

Select “reboot system now” and press OK.

5. This is becoming a common hard reset method and can be used to factory reset Samsung’s more recent Galaxy smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S5, the Samsung Galaxy Note the Note II and Note 3, etc.

With the device powered off press and hold the Volume Up key the Home key and the Power key all at the same time.

When the phone vibrates (or you see the GALAXY Logo) release the Power key but continue to hold the Volume Up and Home key.
Continue holding the Volume up and Home key until the “Android system recovery” screen appears.

Use the Volume buttons to scroll to and highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then use the Power key to make the selection.

Once the factory reset is finished you may use the Volume and Power keys to highlight and select the “Reboot system now” option and the hard reset will be complete and your cell phone will be nice and squeaky clean.

6. Here is an alternate reset for a Motorola Atrix still running on the 2.2 Android OS…

While the phones power is off, press and hold the Volume down button and press and release the power button (note: if it doesn’t work after all the steps listed try holding down the power button along with the volume down button in this first step).

A "Fastboot" screen should pop up, press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to "Android Recovery", then press the Volume up key.

Wait for the "triangle!/Android". Once it pops up you’ll need to tap on the bottom right corner of the screen (note: it may take a few attempts). A menu should pop up.

Tap on "wipe data/factory reset", and then tap OK. Another confirmation screen will appear. Tap Yes and then OK.

After the data is cleared the "reboot system now" option should appear and is highlighted by Default. Tap OK.

Note: this type of reset is common on the 2.2 (Froyo) before the tech geeks wised up and removed the need to use the touch screen.

7. This reset is for the same phone, the Motorola Atrix, but one that’s running on the 2.3 OS.

Power off the phone, press and hold the Volume down button and Power button simultaneously while powering on the unit.

The "Fastboot" screen should pop up. When it does press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to "Android Recovery", and then press the Volume up key to boot in this mode.

Wait for the "triangle!/Android" screen to pop up. Once it does press both the Volume up and Volume down keys simultaneously. A Recovery Menu should pop up.

Tap on the Volume down key until "wipe data/factory reset" is highlighted, and then tap the Power button. Another Confirmation screen will come up. Tap on the Volume down key until it highlights “Yes” and then tap the Power button to make the selection.

After it’s done make sure "reboot system now" is highlighted and then tap the Power button.

In this method you don’t have to use the touch screen any more. So let’s say your touch screen isn’t responding therefore you can’t navigate the phone or go into your settings and do a regular factory data reset. Well now on the 2.3 there is hope. Just power off the phone and perform these steps and the reset should go through.

8. Here is a hard reset for a Sharp Android Smartphone.

While the device is off, hold the Sym button (it’s located on the keyboard) and the Power button simultaneously.

Once the Android boot screen appears highlight the Wipe data/factory reset option by using the volume buttons. Then use the Return key (on the keyboard) to actually make the selection.

Scroll down to Yes - delete all user data and then press the Power key to confirm.

Once it is done select reboot system now and press the Power key to confirm and reboot your handset.

Important Note: On some Sharp models (such as the Sharp FX Plus ADS1) if holding the Sym button and Power key simultaneously doesn’t take you directly to the Android system recovery screen you might have to do one additional step. If using this hard reset key combination takes you to a screen which shows an exclamation mark within a triangle, then press the Home key (while on that exclamation mark screen) and this should take you to your Sharps Android system recovery options.

9. Here is a common method used to hard reset an LG Android smartphone. So if you need to hard reset an LG Optimus this is the hard reset key combination to try first.

After the LG phone has been powered off, press and hold the Volume Down button. While holding the Volume Down button, press and hold the Home button. While holding both the Volume Down button and Home button, press and hold the Power button.

Continue holding these three keys down simultaneously until the LG logo appears.

Once the LG Logo appears release all of the keys. This will complete the reset on many LG phones; you will be given the option to “Select your language” and can proceed with setting up your device as if you were setting up the phone for the first time.

If however, you are taken to a fastboot screen or a screen with additional options then use the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and then press the Menu key to make the selection.

The phone might give you a confirmation screen in which you can use the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight Yes -- delete all user data and then press the Menu key to make the selection.

If you get an option to reboot system now then select that option with the Menu key. The phone will reboot, which can take a couple of minutes, and the hard reset will be complete.

10. A less common method to hard reset an Android smartphone, but the following key combination can be used to reset some cell phones including the Samsung Gio (GT-S5660).

Power the phone off, by using the power button or by removing and then reinserting the battery (when possible).

While the phone is off press and hold the Home button and the Power key at the same time (the Home key is typically the big button on the bottom center of the phone under the display/touch screen).

When the phone starts to power on and you see the phones logo you can release the power button but keep pressing the Home button until the Android system recover screen appears. Once it pops up you can release the Key(s).

Use the Volume keys to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then use the Home key to make the selection. Scroll down using the Volume keys again until the “Yes—delete all user data” option is highlighted and then press the Home key to select that as well.

The system recover screen should pop back up and when it does make sure that “reboot system now” is highlighted and press the Home key to make the selection. The phone will restart and the hard reset will be done.

11. Another uncommon hard reset technique but similar to the one used in method #2. This process can be used to hard reset T-mobiles Prism and Prism II as well as AT&Ts Huawei Fusion (U8652).

Turn off the phone and then press and hold the Volume Up key and Power key simultaneously until the Android system recover screen appears.

Use the Volume Down key to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option and then use the Power button to make the selection.

Use the Volume Down key to highlight “Yes -- delete all user data” and use the power key to proceed with the reset.

Once the reset is complete the phone may return to the Android system recover screen. If it does then use the Volume Down button to highlight “reboot system now” and press the Power key to confirm the action.

The phone will restart and the hard reset will be complete.

Now you know how to hard reset an Android Smartphone and the next time your touch screen stops responding, your phone freezes, your phones power cycling, you forget your password, or pretty much any reason you wouldn’t be able to perform a reset through the settings, you’ll be set.

If I have forgotten any key combos that you know of, leave the method in the comments below so that I can add it to the list. Don’t forget to check out some of our many other popular posts and don’t forget to power your phone off every couple of days and watch what applications you choose to download onto your device that way you can keep your phone healthy and efficient. Hope you enjoyed the article, have a fantastic day, and enjoy your phone.



Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help. I am also able to reset my smartphone using this technique.

I can't seem to be able to

I can't seem to be able to hard reset my xperia Z, help:(

My Fix for Android Phone Not Ringing

My phone quit ringing. It would vibrate but no ring. I was preparing to do a hard reset. You have to power down your phone to do I pressed the power button until the menu came up to shut down. I noticed that the sound setting was set to off.
WAH? I have no idea how that happened....but I pressed it to turn it on. Powered off/on and the phone rings. No hard reset needed. Check that setting on your way to shutting may save yourself some effort. Good Luck

Hi Angela. Do this...

Hi Angela,

Sorry that none of these hard reset methods worked on your LG Android. I tried to cover the most common types of hard resets for Android phones in the article BUT there are a lot of different ways to reset a phone and it depends on many factors. Sometimes there are multiple ways to reset the same phone simply running on a different version of Android.

Try the methods mentioned on the article one more time. Sometimes phones can be stubborn and even if you’re doing it correctly the reset won’t go through on the first attempt. If you try these methods again a few more times and STILL cannot get it to go through then let me know what kind of LG Android phone you have and what Operating System or Android version that it is currently running on and ill see if I can’t find out the correct way for your specific phone.

Don’t forget that if you can navigate your device you can perform a factory data reset through your Androids settings as well. If your phone is NOT responding and you cannot get a hard reset to go through check out I can’t fix my phone now what can I do? You can also contact LG directly. Their Technical Support and Customer Service telephone number is 1-800-793-8896 and they should be able to pull up the specific instructions in a matter of seconds.

In any case, let me know either way. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask and don’t forget to leave your type of LG phone and what its current Android Version is if you want me to try and track the reset instructions down. If LG lets you know how to hard reset and their instructions are NOT listed in the article above then come back and let us know your type of LG and the hard reset instructions and I will add it to the article.

Thanks Angela I look forward to hearing from you.

i have the same problem

i have the same problem i keep trying but it doesnt work can you please help me

Hum… What phone do you have?

Hi Cristin,

I would be more than happy to help you find the right method to hard reset your cell phone. What make and model is your phone? Is it an LG phone like Angela’s (comment above)? Do you happen to know what your phones Android version is? The key combination to hard reset your cell phone might be different depending on the phones software. Did you try ALL the reset methods in the article above, making sure that the phone was off and unplugged?

Make sure to try the hard reset on your phone a few times as sometimes phones can be a little stubborn. If your phone is an LG phone then definitely try hard reset method number “8”. 8 is a common key combo for LG Android smartphones.

If you still have issues then let me know what kind of phone you have and I will try to track down what hard reset combination to use on your phone.

I look forward to hearing from you.

i have a lg l34c model

i have a lg l34c model smartphone and i need help resetting my phone

How to Hard Reset the LG L34C

Hi Raymount,

To hard reset the LG L34C you will need to…

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down Key.
  3. When you see the LG logo release the Power key, but keep pressing and holding the Volume down button until the factory data reset screen appears.
  4. Once you see the reset screen release all of the keys.
  5. Then proceed as you would with other hard resets by using the Volume Down key to highlight the proper option and the Power key to make the selection.

I hope that helps Raymount, if you have any other questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

I also have an lgl34c...

I also have an lgl34c but this combination does not seem to work. Instead it puts the phone into safe mode. Are there any other button combinations I can use?

Can not reset my lgl34c tracfone

Holding the volume down and power does not seem to reset my lgl34c tracfone. Is there something special I have to do for this one?

LG L34C with No Screen

The screen on my L34C isn't working. Any way to do a hard reset without being able to see the reset screen?

smartphone reset

Thank you.. worked perfectly...

San fran2

Trying to do master wipe and my phone is stuck on the FTM screen. Any advice appreciated

FTM = Field Test Mode

The FTM (Field Test Mode) can pop up sometimes when trying to Hard Reset an Android phone.

Don’t worry though if the FTM screen does pop up it simply means that you held the wrong key combination down when trying to perform a hard reset on the device. I don’t recommend that you mess with the FTM to much on purpose though it’s not really meant for phone users and the average person really doesn’t have any need to access this part of their phone.

To exit out of the FTM screen you should be able to simply power the phone off, count to 30, and then power the phone back on like you normally would. If power cycling the phone doesn’t work then perform a Soft Reset by removing the battery (when possible), counting to 30, putting the battery back into the phone, putting the phone back together and then powering the phone up like normal.

If your phone is STUCK on the FTM screen and powering the phone off and on doesn’t fix it (which it should) then check to make sure that none of the keys are stuck in the pushed in position, especially the volume keys. If you have a key that’s stuck, then the phone thinks that you are pressing that key in, and it thinks that you are trying to access this mode and of course it will not boot up normally but will boot to the FTM screen. You can push on the keys a few times just make sure that none of them are stuck in and causing problems. If you’re phone is or was having problems with its volume keys or controls and this issue started occurring then you can pretty much narrow it down to your keys being the culprit of this issue.

I hope that helps. Thanks again for reading and if you have any more questions or would just like to leave a friendly remark then don’t hesitate to do so.

android smart mobile

pls help me i forgot my phone password and i cant Access my gmail account to recover it what should i do

Forgetting a phones password is not fun

Hi Ruben,

Not a very fun situation to be in. Not fun at all. I cover this exact problem in “How to unlock an Android phone when its password has been forgotten” feel free to give that article a quick glance BUT as far as what you can do to access your phone again this article is where you need to be.

Passwords exist for a reason. If there was a way to circumvent the password and get to the information on your phone then there wouldn’t be any purpose in having a password. Performing a Hard Reset on the phone might seem extreme because it causes everything to be cleared and erased from the unit but a hard reset also erases/resets the password and will allow you to at least get into the phone to use it again.

As far as trying to recover your Gmail account I suggest you go to tap on “Can't access your account?” and go through the recovery process. Gmail even has an “I don't know my username” option as well. You’ll have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you can somehow access your original Gmail account. Don’t forget that you can try to access your Gmail through a computer before trying to access it on your phone.

Sometimes when store representatives help a customer setup their phone for the first time they will write the Gmail account and password that they used to setup the phone on the original sales receipt, if you didn’t setup the Gmail account yourself and remember a store representative helping you then this might present a slim ray of hope. If you can find that receipt anyways, and they don’t always write that information down. It’s got to be a good sales representative. If you used an alternate email address when setting up the Gmail account check it for a confirmation message with your Gmail account info as well.

It sounds like you already know that you can use Gmail to backup your Android smartphone and that your Gmail account can and usually does sync your contacts calendar and other information automatically and that if you hard reset and wipe your phone you can log back into your Gmail account and allow it to sync all your contacts back to your phone for you. Your Gmail account can be a real time saver when upgrading to a different phone or setting up a phone after a hard reset. In any case, if you need to setup a new Gmail account make sure to write the account and password down and put it in a safe place should you ever need it again. It can make your life so much easier.

Thanks for reading Ruben. Have a wonderful day.

lg factory reset

thanks a million for these reset combos, I was starting to think i would have to go out and buy a new smartphone (and they ain't cheap) but i tied number 8 and was like magic to me. thank you, thank you thank you. lol, have a great day.

Thank. You very much.

Thank. You very much. For the solution

When I do what you said,on my

When I do what you said,on my phone's screen appears "Emergency Mode!!"
What to do?

Emergency Mode!! Can pop up sometimes, here is why.

Hi Dragos

Certain key combinations will activate the “Emergency Mode” on an Android smartphone. I’m not quite sure what type of Android phone you have but if it was a phone like the LG Optimus T (P509) and you held the Back button + Volume up key + Power button then your phones screen would turn yellow and “Emergency Mode!!” would show in the center of the screen.

Don’t worry though this is just like the FTM (Field Test Mode) Screen that can pop up, it simply means that you tried a key combination that is meant to bring up the Emergency Mode and not the Hard Reset screen.

The solution is the same too; you can scroll up to the FTM comment above for more information, but to exit out of Emergency Mode!! Simply power off the phone for 30 sec and then power the phone back on.

I hope that helps Dragos, if you hit any more snags or have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask. Just make sure to provide as much information about the problem as you can and include what type of phone you have and if possible what version of the Android OS it is running on. This will help me to help you solve your issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading and have a great day my friend.

hi when i try to hard set my

hi when i try to hard set my mobile it says emergency mode my mobile is a lg optimus i have tryed all them things u said it still brings up the blue emergency mode screen

Thank you for pointing that out.

I updated the article and added a common hard reset method for LG Android phones.

There are many types of LG Optimus phones but a common hard reset method seems to be performed by holding the volume down key + home key + the power key. For more information on how to accomplish a hard reset on an LG Android phone there are now more detailed instructions in the article above. Enjoy.

i m using galaxy ace..2.3

i m using galaxy ace..2.3 phone is struct on samgung loading....i tried to reset but failes.......first i clicked on wipe up data an then pressed yes...then a roboot now option comes...when i press on that its show......E failed to mount......and it restart again .......plz phone is not in warrenty now...if i take it to samsung store how much will they charge....??

That can be a hard issue to fix. Try removing your SD card.

Hi Alonso

Where you doing anything in particular when this issue started? Did you just go to use your phone and it was stuck on the Samsung logo or were you upgrading or downloading or playing on an application when it first happened?

Sometimes getting stuck on the boot up screen can be a hard thing to fix but try all the steps mentioned at How to fix an Android phone if it is stuck on the Samsung loading screen and it should get you started in the right direction.

Typically you will have to try this hard reset though, maybe even a few times in order to try to get this issue resolved, and unfortunately I have seen where a hard reset can fix this issue and I have seen where a hard reset will not fix this issue. The situations in which a hard reset didn’t resolve the problem than those devices usually had to be replaced.

Good luck Alonso, Keep trying to do the Hard Reset, sometimes it will fix that issue and sometimes it won’t.

Oh yeah, and when you are trying the reset, remove the memory card from the phone. You don’t typically see an “E failed to mount” message but your External Memory card might be what is causing the problem in this situation and not allowing the reset to finish properly.

My Galaxy

My galaxy is stuck on the green cricket screen and I am trying to reset it but it just wont work what can I do?

xperia j

i did an update with my Xperia j and i cant seem to open it up now... before it was just showing up Sony and don't have anything on the screen and tried to do the update again and nothing was appearing... i tried to do the hard reset steps you've provided my phone still isn't working... i really need help

Hum... Try this.

Hi Wena

I might need more information to help you solve your issue… you were doing an update, and after the phone restarted from the update it loaded to a Sony screen and wouldn’t go past that point, so you tried to update the phone again with no success and now the phone doesn’t boot up at all or it is still showing the Sony logo?

It might still be updating, and you might just have to wait patiently for a while (maybe even an hour or two) to finish what it needs to do. Sometimes Sony Xperia phones can get confused and have a hard time remembering how to turn on properly as well.

Try the steps listed at how to fix a Sony Xperia that’s frozen or will not power on it will explain how to do a simulated battery pull, which is much like the hard reset, only it won’t erase anything from the phone. It simply forces the Xperia to power off and then back on.

If the instructions on that page don’t seem to help, and I am hopeful that they will, then come back and let me know exactly what the phone is doing, how long it has been doing it and what troubleshooting you have already done to try and fix it (other than trying a hard reset).

Sony Phones and Tablets

Hard reset could work with vol up + power button until it powers up then leave buttons and it will go to the reset page for android, sometimes it take more than 2 or 3 times to go through.

my phone won't turn on

my mobile can't be turned on after I connected it to my pc. is it bcs of a virus from the laptop? then how can I fix it when the mobile itself can't be turned on? my mobile have no memory card and the brand is CSL star neo mi363.

There is Hope, Try this…

Hi Dihaa,

The good news is that it is highly unlikely that your phone got a virus simply by connecting it to a PC. The bad news is that when a phone wont power on the options available when it comes to troubleshooting become very limited and a Hard Reset might be your best hope in solving your problem.

For the CSL Switch Star Neo Mi363 I believe the hard reset can be done by unplugging the phone from the charger, pressing and holding the Home button and while holding the home button press the Power button. Once the screen says “Upgrading… Please Wait…” release (stop holding) the Home button. The Recover Utility screen should pop up. When this screen appears then use the volume keys to cycle through your choices until you have the Factory Reset/Wipe Data option highlighted. I’m not sure if the volume down (-) button actually makes the selection or if it’s the power key that makes the selection so you might have to try them both to find out. Another screen will pop up asking you to confirm the reset for which you want to highlight and select YES to confirm the reset. The device should power off and once it turns itself back on your phone should be up and running once again in like new condition.

back up sms/contacts when phone stuck in loop

Hi, Thank you for the info above. My Google Nexus 1 is stuck in a start-up logo loop, and it will not reboot/recover even when wiped cache partition, have taken out SD, and taken battery out/in more times than can count. I'm starting to think after hours of surfing online that there's no way to save all the texts and contacts before a hard reset, but I am concerned to lose all that data. My phone is no longer recognized by my Mac with a USB, or maybe I could have been able to find a way there to transfer. Do you know a way to download a program to my Mac that will be able to capture the data with wireless somehow? If you have any suggestions for saving SMS and contacts when in this jam, SO very grateful.

There is hope

Hi Colleen,

That’s a real pickle you’re in. I know exactly what issue you are referring to; the phone will start to turn on but never actually gets past the phones logo. This issue can be difficult to fix as the phone never completely turns on so troubleshooting options are limited. I see you found the best way to try resolving the issue though which is to perform a hard reset on your device.

Here is where the rock meets the hard place. Your Nexus won’t turn on so chances are a computer isn’t going to be able to communicate with the phone properly and you won’t be able to transfer files from your phone to your computer this includes your contacts and messages. It won’t matter if it’s a Mac or Windows computer I don’t see how the phone would be able to connect properly with this issue as the phone won’t turn on completely.

Since you cannot access the phones settings or actually get into the phone all the way you won’t be able to backup your Androids messages through the standard methods either.

So don’t kill the messenger here but unless you had already saved a backup copy of your messages to your SD card then you might not be able to recover them. I believe the Nexus One comes with a 4GB memory card and about 512MB of Internal memory, which isn’t all that great. In fact if you were getting memory full error messages before this issue started then low memory could be the cause of this issue.

When it comes to phones I typically don’t recommend anything less than a 16GB external memory card, and when choosing a memory card you should also consider the SD cards class/speed, warranty, durability, etc. If you have not updated your SD card since you bought it then check out How to choose the best memory card for an Android Smartphone for some tips and features to look for when choosing the right memory card for your phone.

Speaking of memory cards, have you tried powering your phone off, removing/replacing the memory card and then turning the phone back on? If the memory card is the culprit then this might allow the phone to boot up properly and allow you to backup the information saved on your Nexus properly.

You can also try your memory card in another device to see if any important information is saved to it… but unless you manually saved a copy of your contacts or messages to your SD card previously then the odds of there being a copy on your memory card is slim to none.

So as far as messages the odds of being able to save them is slim.

Your contacts on the other hand are another story. Your Primary Gmail account often backs up your contacts online automatically. So if you hard reset your Nexus and log back into your Gmail account again your contacts should sync back to the phone automatically. Once you get your phone up and running again don’t forget to make periodic backups of your contacts, messages, pictures, music or any type of important information to your SD card (just in case something like this happens unexpectedly, you won’t have to panic about losing anything).

I hope this helps Colleen.

Oh and to hard reset the Nexus One all you have to do is press and hold the volume down button and while holding the volume down button press and hold the power button as well. A screen will pop up with a few options available when it does release the two keys. Use the volume down button to scroll down and highlight “Clear storage” and then use the power button to make the selection. Then confirm the reset with the volume up button. Wait patiently for the phone to reboot, re-setup the phone (remember to log into your Gmail account) and Enjoy your phone.

Thank you for visiting the site and don’t forget to get a good memory card if you haven’t already and to periodically save your phones information to it. Phones don’t last forever unfortunately and this will keep your information safe and will also make it easier when upgrading to another phone as well. You’ll be able to simply take your memory card out of your old phone put it in your new phone, sync a few things and be ready to go.

Thank you so much, James. Yes

Thank you so much, James. Yes, phone memory and force-closing has been an issue. It was really slow starting up after I turned it off for a trip, and when it force-closed on Fri, I just turned off since seems to be only way to clear it. I can't believe how attached I am to the one sms thread. It is like the whole 6 month relationship was mostly via text, and it is similar to letters in that way, which is why I care about it. Otherwise, as much as I need the contacts, I feel secure that they are replaceable. On many occasions I tried to move everything to the SD card, but it only allows certain things with this phone if you don't partition it when you first format (so I hear). I am SO glad I had transferred all my photos and vids just a couple weeks ago via dropbox. That would have truly sucked. I wish I had done the messages as I would not be in this pickle. Apparently I have to let go. I did try taking the SD card in and out with no luck. I do have an app that's supposed to help you find the phone if it is ever lost. Or saves things that way (forgetting what it's called now). No idea if it is saving any of my data long term.

I really appreciate your thoughtful response. Today may I get the courage to erase the past:)

Your Welcome

Your welcome Colleen,

Thank you for taking the time to come back and leave another comment. I am glad that you had recently backed up your photos and videos, many people don’t keep backups and when their phone malfunctions they lose their information which is never a fun situation.

In any case, thank you for visiting. I hope you recover most of your information and don’t forget that there are many applications that can backup your text messages to your SD card once you get your phone up and running again. Check out SMS Backup and Restore its one of the best applications available and its Free!



So, I cleared it out yesterday. And think I should do what you suggested about a new 16GB SD card.

All my settings, the way the clock was, the home page, getting mail... nothing is how I had set it; weird how I had come to think that is how it came to me. But very happy it works again and will slowly figure out how to configure it to be most useful now.

When I put the old SD card back in (where most of my apps are stored), it says "no apps." I cleared storage and reset with the SD card out. Wonder if that has anything to do with it? Or if a way to get phone to recognize all the data on it.

There is no longer Google Play Store on my phone, only the Google factory "market" icon, so if you do have any thoughts on getting the SD card to be recognized, thanks. Otherwise, I will play with it and start to rebuild. As well as get SMS Backup and Restore for FREEE!


Hi again Colleen! Welcome back.

Hey Colleen!

Yeah its interesting how much we like to customize our phones isn’t it? I bet you have gone to do something instinctively and it isn’t there or it’s in a different location so you have to pause to think about it. As you said, it might take a few days to get everything how you like it but shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

As for your Market yeah that will happen too. Just access the “Market” and it should update it back to the Play store.

As per the SD card, 16GB should suite the average person very well. I myself prefer a 32GB as I like to store a lot of information to it and intend to use my SD card in multiple phones in the years to come.

Just make sure to follow the suggestions in Picking the best SD card for an Android smartphone as it will help you pick the best card for your phone; but I digress.

As far as the information on your SD card you might need to re-download the application that you had back onto your phone in order to retrieve that applications information.

For example: if you had a game on your phone and the information for that game was stored on your memory card (which is common) then after performing a hard reset there would be little to no traces of that game on your phone any more. But if you were to access the Play Store, re-download that game, then the game might re-access the memory card, find the levels, coins, characters, etc that you had earned by playing that game and can often restore all of the games information and it will be like it was before performing the hard reset.

The SMS Backup and Restore application is the same way. This is perfect when buying or upgrading to a new phone because you can put your memory card into that new phone, download the application again from the Play Store, import the information if you need to (many apps do it automatically) from the SD card onto the phone, and your good to go. So if you wanted to transfer your Messages from one phone to another that is how you could do it.

Chances are the information from many of your applications are still stored on your SD card, you will just need to download the apps again from the Play Store.

I am glad that your phone is up and running again Colleen. Just remember to watch what apps you download, watch your available storage, update your phones OS (Operating System) when possible, and make sure to Enjoy your working Google Nexus One Android smartphone.  

I am glad I could help, thanks for taking the time to come back, yet again, and leave another comment and if you have any questions about your Android phone don’t hesitate to come back and ask. I’m always more than happy to help awesome individuals like yourself.

Wow, is this the most

Wow, is this the most thoughtful and intelligent help site out there? it is. Thanks again, James. So helpful about the apps. I also read somewhere there's a way to partition the SD card (hack it) so it allows a lot more info to transfer over that won't normally transfer. That is one of my problems: seeing so much memory available on my 4G sim and yet, the phone would not allow transfer. I had very few apps. Had to delete WhatsApp, Shazam, and a few other simple basics since, as you said, the phone has only like 512 MB (crazy low!) and was always telling me I was low on phone memory.

If I get a new larger sim, but all the apps are on this one, how will I keep them once I switch? I mean, if I get the Play Store running now and it does recognize the apps I have, will they go away again once I pop in a 16 or 32G? If this is answered in the "picking an SD card for your Android," feel free to let me know to do my homework. Have not yet given time to visit that site.

Thanks for the awesome, generous help. I'm almost in the clear:)

Be very careful if you choose to root your phone

Thank you so much Colleen for taking the time to come back and leave such a kind comment. Yes you can Partition an SD Card for an Android phone when its low on space but I believe you will have to root the phone as well if you want it to be able to save apps to the SD card instead of the phone, meaning that you will have to sort of hack both the memory card and the phone. Be very careful and exercise caution when rooting your phone and partitioning your drive, if it is not properly it can really mess things up. Just do a lot of research about the process before actually trying it because it can break your phone and sometimes even void a phones warranty.

I myself have yet to root a phone, as I have never seen/had the need to.  Also remember that a SIM cards main purpose is to allow your phone to communicate with your Wireless Service Provider. SIM cards can hold a limited amount of information but it’s usually restricted to the phones contacts, and most SIMs can only hold around 250 contacts. Your SIM won’t be used to save information to; it’s an SD card that you can save your data to. A 4G SIM card is different than your 4GB memory card. A 4G SIM doesn’t mean 4GB (gigabytes) of storage space, that’s a common misunderstanding, 4G is a fourth generation mobile phone communications technology standard. 4G basically represents the speed that the SIM can communicate with a wireless network.

So you don’t want to “get a new larger SIM” you want to get a new larger SD card, and that article will guide you as to some things to look for when choosing a good SD/memory card. As far as partitioning and saving apps to an SD card, it would get a little fuzzy because if your apps were saved to your current SD card and you got a new SD card then you might be able transfer the information from one card to another through a computer. As long as you had a micro SD card reader on the computer… you might even be able to connect your phone with the SD card inside of it up to a computer using the USB connection to copy your info that way… I’m not sure. For that you might be on your own, as it would probably be mostly hit and miss.

Just remember to be careful if you choose to root/hack your phone because if it’s not done properly then it can break the phone and you won’t be able to use it at all.

Thanks again for the kind remarks Colleen I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Thanks again, James.

Thanks again, James. It was a great Halloween:) I messed up with my terms. When typed 4G Sim I meant 4GSD. Right now I am just wondering why even with LookOut Mobile supposedly backing up all my contacts within the last 6 months, it seems to be missing many phone #'s from over a year ago. So many completely random emails synced up that I will over time keep deleting, but most of my people I care about, lost those #'s.

I am not that into all the hassles of phone tech, so I'm going to guess that hacking is less likely than imagining hacking it, especially with hearing what you have to say here.


sony xperia android phone

My daughter put my phone in a glass of water, I put it in rice and let it dry but now my touch screen doesn't work but the other buttons do, so I can't unlock it and it will turn on all the way if it's on the charger. When it's not on the charger it won't boot past the sony logo. Will my phone benefit to try the hard reset? And will it delete anything from my phone? I really don't want to mess up my phone or delete anything, I have important info on there.

Water damage isn’t very fun, but there is hope.

Hi Dee,

Sorry to hear about your Xperia, things like that do happen. At least it wasn’t dropped into the toilet believe it or not that’s a pretty common cause of water damage as well. Good job with the rice. Rice is amazing at absorbing moisture. After a person’s phone is exposed to water many people instinctively want to power their phone on and use it to make sure that it’s still working this however often shorts out the phone and can cause even more damage to the phone. So if it ever happens again make sure that you follow all the steps at How to save a phone dropped in water as it can help prevent damage and decrease the likely hood of malfunctions once the phone dries. But I digress.

Here is what you can do… since all this happened after the phone was dropped in water this is a physical/hardware issue so standard troubleshooting like performing a hard reset probably isn’t going to fix it. A hard reset is one of the best fixes for software issues but hardware problems are a whole different animal. As a hard reset does erase everything from the phone save it as a LAST resort especially if you have any “important info” on the phone that you don’t want to lose.

You can try a simulated battery pull to see if you can get lucky, as it is a good software troubleshooting tool and can often let you fix a frozen Xperia that’s stuck on the Sony logo. Just make sure to unplug your phone from the charger first. The simulated battery pull doesn’t cause any loss of data and simply tells your Xperia to reboot.

Once you try the simulated battery pull, if it works plug your phone into a computer and see if you can backup your phones information. Many phones will connect automatically and you won’t need your touch screen to navigate the phones files through a computer and copy what you need from your phone and then paste it onto the computer. This could help you save a lot of data from your phone.

After you have done the simulated battery pull if your phone is still having issues (like a non responsive touch screen, or problems charging) then I recommend reading How to fix a water damaged phone. There is a chance that you can get everything up and running properly again.

If you cannot boot up the phone all the way or navigate on the phone then there isn’t much use for it. So try those suggestions first and as a last resort you can try a hard reset, just remember that a hard reset is the last thing to try as it will erase everything from the phone.

Good luck Dee. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to come back and ask.

Cherry Mobile Snap

Have you encountered this phone? Can you help me on how to do a hard reset or factory reset. The problem is too many pattern attempts then now no wifi on and no enable usb debugging. Hope you can help me a lot. Thank you in advance.

Oh Snap, not yet…

Hi Mr. J,

Nope, I had never encountered a Cherry Mobile Snap. Truth be told, I had never even heard of Cherry Mobile before much less its Snap phone. I like that name though… Apple, BlackBerry, and Cherry Mobile. Fruit is Mother Nature’s candy and as such is awesome but when is a manufacturer going to name their company after a noble vegetable. The name of the company can be Cucumber and they can create a phone named the Slice.

The Cucumber Slice, the advertising practically writes itself. “Want a phone that’s as cool as a Cucumber? Come get a Slice.”

But I digress. As far as performing a hard reset on the Cherry Mobile Snap I do not believe that an alternate reset or key combination is available for that phone, at least not yet anyways. Cherry Mobile might be able to release a firmware update which will allow a hard reset outside of the phones settings eventually but after a lot of research into the Snap I couldn’t find any documentation that a key combination existed for that device.

I do want to take a second to admit however that since the Cherry Mobile Snap is a phone released in the Philippines that it is a tad out of my expertise. I know the Android OS pretty well (which is an amazing OS) but as far as specific phones, well… the tech industry moves so fast it can be hard to keep up with it here in the States (USA) much less globally.

I did try to locate a solution though, and stumbled on a few articles that mentioned that it might be possible to perform a hard reset through a computer for the Snap using a Cherry Mobile USB driver. I myself couldn’t verify the instructions or software needed to perform a hard reset this way but I thought that I would mention it should you have better luck searching locally.

As usual I recommend that you use caution when downloading software, especially to your computer and when possible try to get it from a verified source not just a random website.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Remember that if you are able to access the Settings on the phone you should still be able to hard reset the phone with a factory data reset which can be accessed through those settings as opposed to a series of key combinations.

Yes, you can do a Hard Reset even with a broken screen

Hard Resets or Alternate Resets can often be done to a phone even if the phone has a broken display or a malfunctioning touch screen. As long as the required keys are functioning properly then you will be good to go.

This is yet another thing that makes the Hard Reset such a powerful tool when troubleshooting an Android cell phone.

Let’s say the touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy S4 just stopped responding for no reason at all. Well since it’s not responsive you won’t be able to access your Apps > Settings > Accounts > Backup and reset > Factory data reset to do a hard reset that way… BUT you could perform a hard reset with the key combo mentioned in this article (I’ll list the specific S4 hard reset combo in a second because of your tuff situation).

Now if your screen went out and it’s just a black/blue/white or a shattered screen and you can’t see anything on the display it is still possible to reset your cell phone but you will have to know each step involved in order for the hard reset to be done properly.

Before I give you the reset instructions I want to mention AGAIN that a hard reset will erase all user data from your Samsung Galaxy S4 so if its merely a problem with your display you should try to connect your Samsung to a computer through its USB cord first to try and backup as much information as you can before the reset, as a computer shouldn’t require the use of your screen. You won’t be able to backup everything but quite a bit, so keep that in mind as it could save you allot of time later.

If you simply want to reset your phone so that your information is off the phone when you send it in for a replacement or repair then that’s never a bad idea either.

How to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a broken screen.

I suggest that you read these instructions at least once before doing the reset so you are more prepared when actually doing the hard reset.

  • Pull out the battery for 30 seconds – I am going to assume that you cannot see the screen to know if the phone is powered off or not, so remove the battery from the phone is a good way to know it will be completely off.
  • Unplug it from the charger if you have not done so already.
  • Plug the battery back in and put the phone back together.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Home button (the big button on the bottom center of the phone under the phones display).
  • While pressing the Volume Up and Home button press and hold the Power button.
  • Hold these three keys until you feel the phone vibrate and then release just the power key but keep holding the Volume Up and Home key for 15 seconds (count to 15 out loud)
  • After 15 seconds release all the keys.
  • Press the Volume Down button 3 (THREE) times - Your phone would be displaying options on the screen at this point but I’m assuming that you cannot see anything on your screen so be careful to press the volume keys the correct amount of times (3) or you might highlight the incorrect option and it won’t hard reset the phone. Just keep that in mind. If you accidently press the volume down key too many times you can press the volume up key to return, so if you accidently pressed the Volume Down key 4 (Four) times instead of 3 (Three) times you can press the Volume up button once to be on the correct choice on the screen. If you mess up just pull the battery and start over. It shouldn’t be too much of a big deal.
  • Press the Power key 1 (ONE) time.
  • Press the Volume Down button 7 (Seven) times – this will highlight the “Yes – delete all user data” option.
  • Press the power key 1 (One) time.
  • Done

The phone will re-boot and the information that was on the phone will be cleared. Easy as pie and didn’t require the use of your screen at all.


huawei ascend g600

hey if i could please get some help with my huawei? while on facebook my phone froze then turned off by itself. when i went to turn it on it wouldnt reboot, it gets to the huawei logo and sits on it for about 40sec, then vibrates and goes to a black screen and continues to flash between the logo and the black screen until the battery is removed... charging produces the same results. 'Hard reset' takes me to a pink screen. Would appreciate any help thanks.

The dreaded boot loop

The dreaded boot loop, I hate that issue. Not only is it extremely annoying but it’s one of those issues that has very few ways to try and troubleshoot. You managed to find your best bet though, the hard reset.

I don’t have too much experience with Huawei phones so I cannot say for sure but I believe that the Pink screen on a Huawei Android cell phone indicates that the key combo you used on your Huawei Ascend G600 told the phone to search the SD card for update files and when booting up, the cell phone couldn’t locate/load the file properly so it stayed on the pink screen.

Straying slightly from the topic of trying to hard reset your Android phone… If you needed to manually update your Huawei you could go to the manufactures website, download the update onto your SD card, insert the SD card back into your cell phone, press the key combo required (the one that opened the pink screen), the phone would search the SD card for the “dload” directory which would contain the “” file which the phone would use to update or root the phone. Which you were not trying to do so the phone kind of just hung.

It sounds like you might have accessed the wrong screen by holding a key combination that was intended to access the update part of your phone and not the Android system recovery.

Were you able to access the Android system recovery utility and select the “wipe data/factory reset” option? If yes then remove your SD card from the phone (if you have one) and try to reboot the phone normally. If unsuccessful try another hard reset without the SD card.

Like I said I’m not too familiar with Huawei phones or the Ascend G600 but it sounds like you might need to try some different key combinations to access the factory reset option.

I did some searching for the specific hard reset combo for the Huawei Ascend G600 and I believe that it’s done by holding the Volume Up and Power key until the Huawei logo appears and then you release the power key but keep holding the Volume Up button until the Android logo appears and then let go of the volume button. When the Android system recovery screen pops up use the volume keys to highlight “wipe data/factory reset” and use the Power Key to make the selection. Then select “Yes – delete all user data” and then “reboot system now”.

When it reboots hopefully it will restart properly and will no longer be stuck in a boot loop. If the hard reset doesn’t work or if you have problems accessing the hard reset option at all then I recommend contacting your wireless service provider or even Huawei themselves as your phone might need to be replaced.

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions Sam, don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to assist you.

Hey can you please help me with my Huawei?

Hey can you help me please? I have a really messed up problem with my Huawei Prism 2. One day I turned off my WiFi on this phone and in the night when I come home to use my home internet it’s not responding to wifi connection. Its saying “turning wifi on” and it freeze there, I turned off my phone and put it back on, I try to reset my phone but it still have this problem about turning WiFi on,......I need help could u help me please?


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